lundi 30 août 2010

Last Night at Chateau Marmont, by Lauren Weisberger

The author of The Devil Wears Prada latest book takes us into the life of Brooke Alter, Nutritionist and wife of Julian Alter an aspiring music star. We follow her as she attempts to deal with her husbands no found fame and lifestyle. We struggle with her through scheduling problems and gossip. But what happens when the gossip turns out to be partially true? How does one deal with these sorts of things?

I like the story because I could relate to it. How do you deal with your spouses instant stardom? Is it possible to keep your job and support your husband, and share in the whole experience? It also makes us think twice before looking at celebraties and thinking they have it good.

I generally found the book to be well writen. Weisberger's description of the caracters is clear, light and profound at the same time. We easily get sucked in to the story... up to a point. I say that because, there were some moments where I thought that she spent a little bit too much time describing Brookes time at work. I know that this was so we understand how devoted she is to her work and everything, but I still think it was a little bit too much.

Also, this book's rythm is not the same as Weisberger's others. It's much slower and there is less edge to the caracters and the story (which I really loved of her other work). That being said, I love the time I spent with Brooke and was always entousiatic when I opened the book.

My general rating : 3,5 /5

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