mardi 3 août 2010

I called it from the first show!

Now who is surprised at the outcome of The Bachelorette? Did anyone honestly think that Ali was going to choose Chris as a futur husband? Not me. The chemistry just wasn't there, their personalities wouldn't match in a long run. She needed a man who would take care of her, a man who could put her first, but also a MAN... Ali's the type of girl that needs a strong sexy man. Chris was nice, but, didn't have just enough humpf for her. Which Roberto had. And come on, at 25 years old, would you settle for a nice good boy who does everything you want, but doesn't DO anything for you, if you know what I mean?!?!?!? The chemistry between Roberto and Ali was in part sexual, you could see that he DID DO something for her.

That been said, Chris is a nice guy and I hope he finds a nice girl. Not on that will tell him what to do and control him, but most likely, that's how it's gonna end up. Believe me, I know a few things about that ;-) professionnaly and personaly.

The big question is : how long are Roberto and Ali gonna last? I say... maybe 6 month to a year. What do you say?

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