vendredi 16 juillet 2010

The Hills is over, sniff

How did you like the ending? When Brody and Kristin said goodbye. It was so sad, but so great. For once a story that didn't end well. Ok, we know Brody is with Avril Lavigne, but even though, they could've tried to end the series with the both of them together. Usually, in chick stuff, the girl always ends up getting the guy. But in real life, it so does not happen that way.

Think of your own life. How many times your love interest didn't share your desire to stay together. Even if you loved each other. We always hear the saying :«love will conquer all». Not that's not always true. You may love someone, but the relationship (because of individual baggage) may not be functionnal. And sometimes you have to part. I had the exact same thing as Kristin and Brody happen in my life. I was friend with benefits with my ex, and wanted more, but we weren't functionnal as a couple. So... I didn't move to Europe as they wanted us to believe Kristin did. I found someone else and had a baby. But nonetheless, it was as heart wrenching as the Hills finale.

Any whoo! we finally got to meet (in the last two episodes) Lo's boyfriend Scoot who didn't wish to appear on the show before. Just then did we see a little more of Lo's life, which she managed to keep private for the entire series (no job info, no boyfriend info,etc.). I can understand that she'd want to keep her life private, but then, don't be in a «reality» show. That said, I liked her a lot. And it was great to get to «know her», just too bad it was only in the last season.

So I'm gonna miss the Hills, for the drama, the hardships and the friendships.


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